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Where Challenge Becomes Change

The Course CA is a professional team building activity that brings in ice breakers, teamwork, leadership development, team building skills, leadership skills, and of course, fun for your small business, executive team,family, or church group.


Life is the journey you make it. Similar to life, our course is different depending on who leads it. Each of our certified guides makes every journey unique to their personality and to what they personally feel will best challenge your group. No two experiences at the course are the same and neither are our facilitators. Here they are! (drumroll, please)

Program Director

You will never hear stranger catch phrases than out of the mouth of this Kiwi (person from New Zealand). Tim is the most trained and experienced member of our team and brings a heaping scoop of quality to the program. He’s a style fiend who wears funky shoes we make fun of him for but secretly all want.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.06.53 PM.png

Lead Facilitator

When this New York native isn’t sporting a harness and helmet, she is a health coach, inn keeper, musician and mum of two. She loves to dance, sing old Hebrew choruses and have people over for organic hot coco. You won’t meet a cooler girl.


Eva Millan
Lead Facilitator

Eva hails from the far away land of Mexico via Texas. As a facilitator she is laid back and loves to have fun. However, she is sometimes tempted to make challenges harder for people who are still learning the art of listening. (She restrains herself, for liability reasons).

Full of factoids and useless trivia, you'll find yourself learning things you never wished to know about; especially forty feet up in the air.

Feel free to ask this self-named Queen of the Nerds anything you wish.

Her aspiration of becoming the worlds first female dictator has been put on hold in order to pursue her life-long dreams of cosplaying.


Shawna Schlenker

Shawna is from the Northern State of Washington.
Although most people know it as the rainy state, Shawna brings culture instead of soggy shoes, as her Oregonian contribution to our team. She grew up in the dessert, on a small reservation.
Shawna is the facilitator who loves being silly and talking in accents. Ask about her accent names and you'll see a whole different side of her than the sweet Washingtonian you were talking to just seconds before!
With a love of adventure, outdoors and bonding, Shawna has been custom built to facilitate her groups through a memorable and fun time at The Course.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.24.16 PM.png

Caleb Wallace

Born in Idaho but raised in just about every State west of the Rockies, Caleb and his family spend most of his childhood “on the run” living in the forests and hills. This developed a deep fondness for the outdoors and a passion for challenges and adventure.

He believes that growth is vital and that growth happens when you are outside of you comfort zone. (Which sometimes is 40ft off the ground, other times is being facilitated by a man in skinny pants).

Caleb embodies deep thinking paired with a light sense of humor. Beware that humor, sometimes it involves human participation.

Ps. He is an INFJ for those who are assessing his compatibility


Rachel Carlson

Rachel is one of the few people in Weaverville currently who can claim to have come from Idaho but to have never grown her own potato.

Asher Facilitator.png

Caleb Immel

Caleb is a rare treat. All the way from his van, Caleb has a very special set of skills which allows him to facilitate with grace and ease both on the challenge course, and on the ground.

While he may prefer to be driving circles around Yosemite National Park, Caleb is dedicated to the task at hand of smilingly facilitating our groups through incredible challenges, all in the name of fun and team development.


Brendon Wallgren
Safety Guy

Brendon is a Weaverville Local. You can tell by the way he sparkles.
Brendon is an incredible steward of time and avoids social media and instead uses his time to help save lives. He is a volunteer for the local fire department, Search and Rescue and the Police department.
We are all on our best behavior when Brendon is working.
He doesn’t volunteer for us however, and so we are required to cut him a check each week.

Sarah Matson, Denise Boggs, Kylee White & Ella Ross
Kitchen crew  

Without this small squad of scullery soldiers, we would surely all grow faint, weary and possibly even die.
This contingent may not be large, but manages to boast an impressive array of credentials amongst their rank.  
Surfing, quad biking, hitch-hiking across the country, long boarding and winning mascot championships are but a few of the past time actives enjoyed by the hands of these ladies, when they’re not otherwise occupied making delectable delicacies for our guests.
They may be petite and pretty, but don’t under estimate their power and attempt to sneak more home made whipped cream without asking. A state champion wrestler lurks amongst their ranks.



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