The Course

Where Challenge Becomes Change

The Course CA is a professional team building activity that brings in ice breakers, teamwork, leadership development, team building skills, leadership skills, and of course, fun for your small business, executive team,family, or church group.

Overcame Fears Together!

My day at The Course changed my life, and that’s no exaggeration. I have lived nearly my entire life with a fear of heights and with a feeling of incompetence in athletics. On this day, I faced my fear and decided that I would no longer partner with it. But I could not have done this without my team. We loved, supported and encouraged one another through the whole experience. It caused me to realize that when it comes to issues of life calling and destiny, none of us should have to go after those things alone. We need to open our eyes and become more aware of the people that are in our lives. The greater purposes in life are accomplished through community and teamwork.
— Randy T., Pastor


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